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Live sound engineers for professional event sound production

If you’re planning an event, you need a sound system that is up to the task. Attendees want to hear the music or commentary clearly and, most certainly, don’t want their day spoiled by equipment failure.

Event sound production isn’t as simple as positioning a cluster of speaker stacks and microphones and hoping for the best — it is much more left-of-centre and requires specific skills and sound-system design. This is why experienced live sound engineers are essential for ensuring your event runs smoothly and the best quality of sound is delivered.

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Experienced live sound engineers

Our live sound engineers have many years’ experience in special event sound production. So, if you are planning a sporting or cultural event, we can design and implement a sound system that is fit for purpose.

Our procedure

To ensure that your event is a success, we, of course, need to understand your requirements. Normally a site plan has already been submitted for resource consent. We will visit where the event is to be held and go through the process of quantity surveying and design to determine what equipment is needed and how much.

At most special events, there is limited time available for setting up, particularly if roads need to be closed. This is why we have developed a system — like a Henry Ford production line —where equipment is set up and broken down quickly and efficiently.

Our capabilities

We can put together distributed systems that will stretch to the end of a “small suburb” and end-to-point-source systems capable of throwing sound for a kilometre. We also have expertise in supplying broadcast feeds for television or Internet streaming.

Some of our events

We have supplied sound systems for the Red Bull Flying Man competition (we hung a speaker stack off a crane to reach 65,000 people), the Auckland Marathon, as well as both the V8 Super Cars and A1 GP (there was a concert stage system for 20,000 people, a track system for 65,000 people, as well as field tin-horn speakers).

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So, if you’re planning a special event, make sure you get the best sound production possible. Contact us today or call us on 09 820 4319.