Sales and installations

Professional live sound equipment sales and installation

We specify, sell and install professional live sound equipment. So, if you need a sound system for a building or you’re a professional musician, we can help.

Sound systems for buildings

If you’re planning a new building, it makes sense to specify the sound system during the design process, rather than afterwards. This way you can be sure it will meet your building’s requirements.

Whether your building is still at the design stages or already constructed, we can design and install a sound system tailored to fit. And over the years, we’ve supplied sound systems for many public spaces, including the Aotea Centre in Auckland.

There is a lot to consider when planning audio installationslegal requirements like fire alarms and hearing aid induction loops must all be factored as well as the acoustic variables of different spaces. And, of course, reliability is a must.

Our process

When you approach us about a sound system, we’ll first sit down with you to discuss what you aim to achieve.

Our design process begins by studying the plans for your building or visiting it if it already exists. Part of the process is the utilisation of 3-D modelling software. This enables us to specify equipment taking into account important elements, like volume and tonal consistency.

It is important that the sound is clear and natural, particularly when a room is used for conferences — you most certainly don’t want a situation where people suffer “listening fatigue” and tune out.

Once you have accepted our proposal, we can then manage its installation.

3D installation image

3D installation image

Live sound equipment sales

If you are a musician or audio professional, you can purchase live sound equipment from either our online store or from us directly.

All our equipment is manufactured for the professional market. So, it’s of a higher specification than what you’ll get from musical instrument retailers selling semi-professional musical instrument equipment.

What does this mean for you?

Well, all our equipment is proven to be able to stand the rigors of touring and of a high enough quality to be used by international acts like The Rolling Stones and Roger Waters — just a couple of the major acts we have provided sound reinforcement.

Providing the best solution

We are L-Acoustics’ New Zealand network partner and we stand by their product. Our priority is to supply you the best equipment for your requirements, whatever the brand.

30-day support

As well as normal product guarantees, we also back our equipment for 30 days. So, if an amplifier or microphone breaks down during a gig within 30 days of purchase, so long as you haven’t mistreated it, we’ll get you back up and running with a temporary replacement — even if you call us late at night.

Contact us

So, if you need a sound system for a building; if you’re a musician or audio professional, contact us now. We look forward to discussing your requirements.