• 3D acoustical simulation
  • Real time mapping in Coverage and Delay modes
  • User-friendly 3D graphic interface
  • Modular multiple window display
  • Temporal mapping for time delay optimization
  • Subwoofer acoustical and mechanical data

 Billy Joel Concert at the Vector Arena

Acoustical Simulation

Program Developed for sound designers, SOUNDVISION is dedicated to the acoustical and mechanical simulation of L-ACOUSTICS systems (WST line arrays and Coaxial point source technologies).

Benefiting from L-ACOUSTICS long term experience in the modelling of acoustic sound sources, SOUNDVISION is the first 3D sound design program capable of operating in real time.

Real time calculation of SPL and visualization of system coverage

SOUNDVISION allows the calculation of sound pressure level (SPL) coverage, SPL mapping and delay coverage (or mapping) for complex sound system and venue configurations.

Either horizontal (plan) or vertical (cut) views can be selected to enter room coordinates or to define loudspeaker placement/aiming. Impact coverage, SPL mapping or delay is then based on direct sound calculations over the defined audience geometry.

Selectable user modes for different operator profiles

Coverage mode provides a practical tool for the touring sound engineer while mapping mode provides more detailed information for the audio consultant. System time alignment of multiple loudspeakers or arrays can be visualized with delay mode and the mechanical data provides detailed set-up information for installer and riggers.

Online SOUNDVISION pre-modeled venue database

The world venue database allows the insertion of the touring kit into the a pre-modeled venue file. The engineer can quickly prepare and optimize the sound design variations specific to each venue. Thanks to the contributions of the SOUNDVISION user community, engineers on the road can accurately anticipate on the planning of their sound design and system optimization even if not present on site.


 New Features in SOUNDVISION 2.1 include:

  • 5XT coaxial loudspeaker
  • SB15m subwoofer, which can be rigged as a vertical array, flown or stacked. It can also be mixed with KIVA in a same vertical array
  • WIFOLIFTBAR rigging accessory for horizontal arrays of ARCS®WIDE and/or ARCS®FOCUS enclosures
  • Orientation functionality for ARCS®WIDE and ARCS®FOCUS: HF Left or HF Right in a vertical array and HF Up or HF Down in a horizontal array

Previous SOUNDVISION 2.0 version include:

  • Mapping functionality for subwoofer systems
  • Cardioid array modeling tool
  • Contour EQ modeling tool
  • Improved ARCSUB modeling tool
  • Frequency range extended towards the sub domain
  • Response curve display tool for full range systems in the Coverage mode, including an adjustable target curve and post-processing options
  • New ARCS®WIDE and ARCS®FOCUS constant curvature WST® line sources
  • New SB18m subwoofer