12XTi High performance coaxial

  • Ultimate sonic performance, clarity and precision
  • Point source radiation with excellent off-axis performance
  • FOH, fill, monitor versatility for reduced inventory
  • Plug and play for fast set-up and reduced tuning time
  • Discreet and accurate rigging system
  • Sleek design, durable construction, extended longevity
  • LA4 advanced system drive and protection
  • White and architectural RAL color program

The XTi Architectural Series point-source technology is particularly valuable in distributed sound reinforcement applications where most listeners are located off the system axis. It is suited to distributed applications in semi-reverberant spaces where a single reflected source offers a more coherent radiation field with less reflected virtual sources than a traditional dual horn-woofer combination.

Point-source systems are also adapted to proximity applications such as stage monitoring, front-fills and under-balcony fills. Their radiation characteristics yield excellent phase response, total wavefront coherency at all frequencies, and axi-symetrical directivity which produces identical coverage patterns in both the horizontal and vertical planes and a sound field stable over the entire frequency spectrum. The result is a natural, studio monitor sound quality and the aural sensation of transparent sound and an even sonic performance within the enclosure beamwidth.

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