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A Finn Christmas @ The Powerstation – 21 Dec 2013

A Finn ChristmasFinns on a mission. Two generations of Finns to perform xmas show at Auckland’s Powerstation December 21.

Neil, Tim and Liam Finn will be performing some new and classic songs with a full band of family and friends

Tim Finn says; “Great to help out the City Mission, and a great time of year to celebrate with family on stage.”

Neil Finn says; “This was born of a sudden urge to gather our whole family and some good friends, have a play and a sing some of our songs in my favourite venue with a bunch of other good folk, all in support of our wider community ….its that simple, its Christmas!”

@ The Powerstation

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Auckland Chamber of Commerce – Christmas Lunch @ The Pullman – 13th Dec 2013

Auckland Chamber of Commerce

Auckland Chamber

Auckland Chamber of Commerce Christmas Lunch:   Why are some people difficult? It’s a simple enough question, and a reasonable one to ask if you’re in the business of dealing with people every day, all day. The answer, to this simple and reasonable question, is both complex and fascinating. To answer it Nigel will take the audience on a journey that spans half a century, involves the grandest scientific adventure in the history of scientific adventures, traverses several continents, includes both elephants and pirates, and contains some heartening revelations about grumpy nuns. The good news is that dealing with difficult people is possible and Nigel will also cover practical techniques which owe much to an old bloke in a wheelchair, and an intriguing lizard with parrot-like feet.

Nigel Latta is the host of the television show Beyond The Darklands, The Politically Incorrect Guide to Teenagers and The Politically Incorrect Parenting Show.

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